Coşkun Yıldırım - Coşkun Yıldırım Müsiad is in Visionary19!

Coşkun Yıldırım Müsiad is in Visionary19!

Coşkun Yıldırım Müsiad is in Visionary19!


Coşkun Yıldırım Müsiad is in Visionary19!

Tabit Vice Chairman Coşkun Yıldırım participated as a speaker at the Summit, which was held with the participation of 4 thousand people from the business and academia world.

Turkey's largest and most widely capital two years organized by MUSIAD platform on a global scale "Visionary Summit" "Digital Future" opened the door in contact with the 3.kez on November 27, 2019. Turkey and leading experts from around the world, academics and business people at the summit with the participation of the current technological studies and technology (the development of) social and economic changes were discussed in a comprehensive manner. At the summit, the Presidential Office Head of Digital Transformation Coach Ali Taha and Presidential Office Chief Investment Arta Ermut, found the evaluation of Turkey's technology moves.

MUSIAD, which continues its activities with a human-oriented, high value-added and national production vision, to draw attention to the technological developments in the world; determined the subject of this year's Visionary19 Summit as "Digital Future".

Have a say in the region of Turkey, while globally an active role being played by countries technological independence and sustainable thinking is directly related to economic development MUSIAD, technology-leading names aimed awareness creation at community level in this area by hosting the Vizyoner19 Summit.

At the summit to be held in Haliç Congress Center; "Digital Economy and the Future of Money", "Global Market in National Industrial and Manufacturing", "Trade Digital Ecosystem", "The City and Resources Future", "National Technology moves and Digital Turkey" and '' Digital Future Values' issues in 6 different sessions It was discussed comprehensively.

At the summit, Presidential Digital Transformation Office President Ali Taha Koç, Presidential Investment Office President Arda Ermut, Mindmaze Artificial Intelligence Technologies Leader Martin Ciupa and Global Resources Partnership Board Chairman Mehmet Öğütçü and Tabit Vice Chairman Coşkun Yıldırım; Many leading names in their fields took part as speakers.

Visionary Program is mobilizing the National Strategy of Turkey

its assessment on the subject MUSIAD President Abdurrahman Kaan, Turkey has stated that the Visionary program guiding the national strategies and action plans. The Visionary Summit first began to be organized in 2015 and Kaan The highlight of this year 3.kez will be conducted in the previous period, "Developing future Doing Business" and "Changing New Turkey in the world" issues of that scrutinized this year, in parallel to that topic "Digital Future" theme will be processed noted. with digital and technology developments affecting every sector of the world is undergoing rapid change and in the near future political, economic and cultural sense, many innovations to pregnant women stated that Kaan, Turkey to perform with the National Technology moves the success of these developments capture and future arbiter important in terms of being a country stressed that it was.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the "MUSIAD Visionary" 19 "program held at the Haliç Congress Center. President Erdogan, "We have survived era in Turkey. Today, we continue on our way as a country that has recovered its economy, broke the siege on its southern borders, and maintains unity and solidarity. " said.

Erdogan, "who want to demoralize our nation ambitions, we will break our success in every area, because we Türkiye'yiz." found in the description.


On behalf of myself and my country, I congratulate the MUSIAD community, which is among the few organizations in its field with its wide organization and activity field, for contributing to our economy. I hope that working models that bring together global networks and the resources of our country will be successful. Turkey is a country with vast potential for trade except in very large investments in their homeland. The stirrings experienced during the deceased Menderes and Özal period were not enough to compensate our losses. It was a country with a national income of 3500 dollars but an export of 36 billion dollars, trying to walk a heavy, high and disruptive path from education to health inadequate infrastructure. He was bent under the weight of juntas. The gravity of the view before us did not scare us. We literally breakthrough with Turkey. We carried our country much further. We strengthened our democracy by strengthening the supremacy of the national will. We faced obstacles in every step we took, and traps on every road we entered.

At the Musiad Visioner 2019 Digital Future Summit, the "Cities and Resources of the Future" panel was moderated by Mehmet Öğütçü with the presentations of Tabit Vice Chairman Coşkun Yıldırım, Dr. İzzet Alagöz, Halil Demirağ and Vedat Yıldız.

In the Future Cities and Resources Panel, Yıldırım talked about the future agriculture and the importance it will gain and talked about the work he has done with his team in this direction. At the same time, Yıldırım emphasized the importance of agricultural activities in the city, especially in agricultural practices in urban agriculture.

Yıldırım stated that they use technologies that will provide more efficiency to farmers in agriculture with the Vodafone Smart Village Project, which is also established by the Butcher Village located in Koçarlı District of Aydın Province, and that they have new studies in this direction.


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